Roskilde Festival introduces new stage
Gloria is the name of a new stage that will present intimate music acts.

In 2011 the audience will have another stage to visit at Roskilde Festival. The new stage is called Gloria. It is the festival's new initiative to attract smaller acts – a place where the intimacy of the music will make the audience hold their breath.

”Music can activate the entire chain of emotions and support any mood. At Roskilde we can now present music for the quiet moments, and I'm sure that Gloria will be an appreciated musical breathing space,” says music director Rikke Øxner.

Again room for quiet music
The new stage is placed between two buildings in the relaxation oasis Nordic (see the location on aerial photo >>).

According to Rikke Øxner, Gloria will offer all kinds of gentle music.

”Gloria will be no party stage. Instead we create a room for intimate experiences between artist and audience. The genres can extend from spherical electronica to whispering acoustic music. The stage is isolated from the roars from the big stages, making these intimate experiences possible,” she says.

The festival has earlier found it difficult to place the quiet and delicate type of music. The available stages have either been too big or the music could "drown" in the surrounding loud festival atmosphere.

With a capacity of about 1000 people, Gloria becomes the smallest stage at Roskilde Festival.

With the addition of the Gloria stage, the full 2011 programme will contain further 20-25 acts.


See you at Roskilde Festival 30 June - 3 July 2011. Warm-up 26 - 29 June.
The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.