African street party at Roskilde Festival
Congotronics vs Rockers, Jagwa Music and Shangaan Electro make everyone's behinds vibrate so that all the calories from the wintertime disappear.

Today's common denominator is Africa. The first act below tries in true Roskilde-style to break down the barrier between the hot Western acts and the roaring talent mass from the global music scene.

CONGOTRONICS vs ROCKERS (INT) revive the special congotronics sound from Konono N°1 and Kasai Allstars in new interpretations along with Deerhoof from the US, Juana Molina from Argentina, Wildbirds & Peacedrums from Sweden and Matt Mehlan from US act Skeletons. Together, this star-studded bunch rediscovers the electrified, joyous trance sound that has turned Congo into a music mecca for hipsters and music lovers.

JAGWA MUSIC (TAN) cultivates a genre called mchiriku, a percussion-based type of music that makes your blood boil with its steady, rhythmic attack. Due to a lack of funds, the musicians use old Casio keyboards and whatever materials they can get a hold of as well as traditional African drums.

One of Roskilde Festival's music bookers has recently visited the collective. Watch the clip below:

SHANGAAN ELECTRO (ZA) gives the audience an opportunity to experience a brand-new genre from the first row. The speedy music style is already a hit on YouTube with over two million views. In the townships of Johannesburg people from 12 to 50 are shaking their booties to this revolutionary mix of up-tempo, synthetic marimba beats and pitched vocal samples - and they can keep going for hours as long as the tempo is fast enough. Now it is Roskilde Festival's turn when Nozinja, Tshetsha Boys and DJ Spoko deliver ultra-kinetic musical energy.



See you at Roskilde Festival 30 June - 3 July 2011. Warm-up 26 - 29 June.
The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.