New architectural space for Roskilde Festival 2011
"Why don’t we do it on the stairs?” is the title of the winning project in the design competition BUILD WHAT HERE for designing a new installation and landmark for Roskilde Festival 2011. Behind the project are two architecture students from Sweden and Norway.

With an impressive interest from all over the world, the design competition BUILD WHAT HERE asking to design a physical space a landmark for Roskilde Festival 2011 has found its winner. The competition resulted in 67 very different, creative and inspiring proposals from architects, artists and students from Denmark to Columbia.

The jury has unanimously chosen the project "Why don’t we do it on the stairs?" by architecture students Victor Serrander (Stockholm) and Anders Grivi Norman (Oslo) who started the Berlin-based architecture collective Re-Make/Re-Model in 2010.

”The winning project demonstrates a great understanding of Roskilde Festival's audience and creates a magnificent platform for creativity, interaction, relaxation and party at the festival. The structure will certainly be a well-known and iconic meeting point at Roskilde Festival 2011 with its illuminated monumental and dynamic structure,” says Esben Danielsen, head of development at Roskilde Festival.

A strong focus on flexibility and user-interaction
The winning proposal consists of two large stair structures facing each other. The stairs offer views over the festival and the Orange Stage and are filled with ‘activity boxes’ – inviting artists and festival guests to engage in the Culture Zone. The structure is to be built of re-used plywood and scaffolding.

Victor Serrander and Anders Grivi Norman are both experienced when it comes to Roskilde Festival as they have attended the festival several times. And that is why the proposal has a strong focus on flexibility and user interaction:

“"Why don't we do it on the stairs?" aims at being a space that can be whatever people want it to be: a place that can be used for everything from movie screenings and debates to dancing and kissing. We can't wait for the summer!" says Anders Grivi Norman.

Roskilde as a mirror for urban planning
The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) has organised BUILD WHAT HERE in collaboration with Roskilde Festival and is thrilled to see so many, cross-disciplinary teams take part in the competition.

“In many ways, Roskilde Festival can be seen as a mirror and a test site for urban planning of the future. Notions of temporality, multi-functionality and cross-disciplinarity are all central in this regard. BUILD WHAT HERE has been a great opportunity to explore the concept of the temporary city with young architects and their collaborators from all over the world,” says Kent Martinussen, CEO of Danish Architecture Centre.

The winning project and other highlighted proposals will be presented in an exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre from 7 May 2011.

For more information about the winning proposal and to see other highlighted projects, download the Jury Report on

The jury consisted of:
Esben Danielsen, head of development, Roskilde Festival
Christian Dam, architect, Roskilde Festival
Kent Martinussen, CEO, Danish Architecture Centre
Jan Geipel, head of presentation and debate, Danish Architecture Centre

For more information please contact:
Signe Brink Pedersen, project manager, Roskilde Festival
T: +45 46 34 03 88

Ingeborg Christiane Hau, project manager, Danish Architecture Centre
T: +45 50 83 09 78

Line Juul Greisen, press officer, Danish Architecture
T: +45 22 13 24 70

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See you at Roskilde Festival 30 June - 3 July 2011. Warm-up 26 - 29 June.
The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.