Roskilde Festival focuses on the homeless
On Thursday 24 March Roskilde Festival encourages its audience to take action against poverty. Disguised as beggars, the audience kickstarts the festival's Statement campaign against poverty and inequality.

The actions, called 'people of the street', take place in six different cities in Denmark, Norway, England and Germany. They mark the intensification of Roskilde Festival's humanitarian campaign Statement. The theme of Statement is poverty and inequality, and the focus in the coming weeks is especially on the homeless. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and to start a public debate on poverty and inequality.

Goal: an official poverty line in Denmark
The long-term, ambitious goal of the campaign is to define an official poverty line in Denmark.

"Roskilde Festival has always been a festival with a position. We have always looked at our surroundings and supported the weak and vulnerable in society. With Statement we now focus on poverty and inequality. We believe that we need to address some of the issues going on in our own backyard. We are fully aware that Statement and our goal, not least, are a political appeal. It's all about the country we live in and how we prioritize and treat each other – but our starting point is really social indignation and a wish to get our audience and others to consider and address the challenges regarding poverty," says Roskilde Festival's spokeswoman Christina Bilde about the background of the campaign. She continues:

"When we set the bar high and have a goal of having an official poverty line introduced in Denmark, it's because we believe that there's a need for an indicator that you can base goals on and act actively from."

The 'people of the street' actions take place in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo, London, Manchester and Berlin on Thursday 24 March at 16:30.

Follow this link to see where the actions take place

Charity fundraising for the homeless
Besides the actions, Roskilde Festival activates its audience with a film competition and a collection of money for Projekt Udenfor (project outside), a Danish organisation working with homeless people.

Projekt Udenfor works with homeless people out on the street. For instance, the organisation serves hot meals on the street and provides medical care 'on wheels' for the homeless and veterinary help for their four-legged friends. Roskilde Festival has chosen to raise money for the organisation because they are enthusiasts in their field, are not dictated by anything other than charity and believe that everybody has the right to a helping hand without wanting somthing in return.

"It's completely in line with Roskilde Festival's own values of community, tolerance and diversity, which also have some of the values ​​we want to bring into the debate about poverty," says Christina Bilde.

The charity fundraising for Projekt Udenfor takes place in week 12 and 13 on Roskilde Festival's website.

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Further information
Christina Bilde, talskvinde
T: +45 46 36 66 13


See you at Roskilde Festival 30 June - 3 July 2011. Warm-up 26 - 29 June.
The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.