Roskilde Festival 2011 is taking shape
68 new names were announced today when Roskilde Festival revealed this year’s poster. The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys are among the new headliners at the festival that offers lots of musical experiences.

This year’s Roskilde programme has treats for headbangers, hip hoppers, hippies, hipsters – and everyone else.

Today, Roskilde Festival’s music director Rikke Øxner presented this year’s music programme. She announced The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys who will both be at the top of the 2011 poster along with Iron Maiden, M.I.A., Mastodon and Kings of Leon, to mention a few.

"This year's programme contains experiences that you’ll only find at Roskilde Festival. We have some exclusive Scandinavian appearances, e.g. Arctic Monkeys and PJ Harvey play their only Scandinavian festival gig at Roskilde. We also have special setups and series of appearances custom-made for us. Add to that solid setups in genres such as hip hop, metal, electronic music and good old-fashioned rock. There should be something for all music lovers," says Rikke Øxner.

New stage makes room for the skewed and delicate
The music director points out the festival's new intimate stage, Gloria, that has room for only 1,000 people and thus becomes the festival's smallest.

"Gloria gives us the opportunity to present a series of acts whose delicate expression would easily have drowned on the other stages. For instance, Wang Li from China who plays minimal compositions on a Chinese Jew’s harp. We also present chamber pop with American band Dark Dark Dark, jazz with the Danish-American saxophonist John Tchicai together with Elektro, we have singer-songwriters, electronica ... I could go on," she says.

The Gloria stage is also the name associated with an area that was called Nordic last year. This year it is further developed so that it – as an extension of the stage’s musical content – is a quiet and intimate oasis amid the crowds, with a focus on immersion and aesthetics. The area is illuminated at night by a bright halo of yellow lights placed in trees surrounding the square.

Labyrinthine container city at the camp site
Another new development on site is the container town of Poor City that the festival is preparing at the moment. Poor City is the concrete expression of the festival's humanitarian campaign Statement focusing on poverty and inequality and, in particular, homelessness.

"The idea with Poor City is that it is to be shaped as some kind of maze where you can get a little lost and perhaps get a little uncomfortable. The basic idea is to make the audience aware of poverty and inequality in a different way. Hopefully it can evoke both thought and consideration – even at a festival," says Roskilde Festival spokeswoman Christina Bilde.


Roskilde Festival takes place on 30 June - 3 July 2011 with warm-up in the period 26 - 29 June. The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.

Tickets are for sale on A ticket for the whole week costs DKK 1,725 kr (approx. 232 euro) and a one-day ticket costs DKK 875 (approx. 117 euro).

The band schedule with stage slots and stage allocations for all acts is expected ready in June.

Going in-depth with the music


Roskilde Festival's headliners are the first thing that catches the eye when looking at the brand-new festival poster. We are proud to add THE STROKES and ARCTIC MONKEYS. The former are leaders of the rebirth of rock in the noughties, and they have just kick-started their tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Reportedly, the band has lots of vigour, making the spacious arena rock along to both old and new hits. ARCTIC MONKEYS are the second announcement set with the biggest font size on the poster. The British lads have played amazing concerts at Roskilde Festival in 2006 and 2007. Today they are in just as high demand with the audience as the older and more seasoned bands. We are looking forward to a new round of British, danceable rock from the monkeys who will release a new record on 6 June.


The classic rock experience is guaranteed with legendary IRON MAIDEN and KINGS OF LEON, both some of today's most popular rock bands. These names were announced as early as 2010 when we put ourselves in the lead of the European festival landscape. MASTODON are, because of the name alone, well qualified to be written with the biggest font size, but if they had called themselves something else, this unorthodox metal band is, because of their music, still one of the coming giant acts. The pop-radicalist M.I.A. and the ever-changing PJ HARVEY provide a counterweight to the masculine rock. They are a couple of admirably provocative furies who constantly choose the warpath rather than the beaten path.


DEADMAU5 played an amazing concert at the Cosmopol stage in 2009, which got an enthusiastic festival audience to surrender completely. This year we get the extended version of the mouse head's electronic party vision. It will be a celebration for both young and old, for techno kids and skeptical rock types. Show up and let yourself be carried away. MAGNETIC MAN has a special relation to Roskilde Festival. Due to the overwhelming reception at Roskilde Festival in 2008, the trio decided to keep the pot boiling and make a whole album. Dubstep fans have enjoyed it ever since, and this year Benga, Skream and Artwork return with a custom-made Roskilde show: we get an extensive, 3-hour-long show with visits from KATY B and a DJ set from SBTRKT. Finally, fans of electronic music will recognise acts such as THE GASLAMP KILLER, JATOMA and DOP among other already announced CHASE & STATUS, MATTHEW DEAR, SHANGAAN ELECTRO and JAGWA MUSIC who will ensure that there is no shortage of electronic parties for all kinds of moods.


Just like there are many ways to spell it, there are just as many opinions as to how the music should sound – and with today's new additions, hip hop is solidly represented at Roskilde Festival 2011. The most talked-about phenomenon of the genre at the moment is called OFWGKTA and comes from Los Angeles. The American hip hop collective's concerts are unforgettable events that have as much in common with a punk rock show as that with a traditional hip hop gig. We are looking forward to presenting this demonic, violent but also funny and manically productive hip hop force of nature. California is not alone in drawing the USA map of hip hop at Roskilde Festival. From Detroit we get a visit from BLACK MILK who on Album of the Year goes for the organic, instrument-based experience, while New Orleans-born CURREN$Y delivers dirty Southern hip hop, representing the Southern states as well as BIG BOI – one half of Outkast – whom we already announced in February. From a different hip hop environment, we present ATMOSPHERE who also draws on jazz, alternative rock and soul. Finally, the Scandinavian region is also represented in Roskilde Festival's massive hip hop supply. L.O.C. – one of the most popular artists across genres in Denmark and a usual suspect at Roskilde Festival – has already been announced, and TIMBUKTU & DAMN! join the programme today. The Swedish hip hopper delivered an unforgettable concert in 2007.


One does not have to look far for intelligent pop at Roskilde Festival. This year we have OH LAND on visit in her homeland. The former ballet dancer shoots up in the international stratosphere with pop music that is edgy, electronic and full of star potential and clever ideas. LYKKE LI has just released a critically acclaimed album filled with heartache, Wounded Rhymes. It does not sound like the recipe for a traditional pop party, but when you know the Swedish woman's stage talent, there is no doubt that she will sweep the audience off their feet. A new voice in electronic music is JAMES BLAKE. His vocoder-marinated, electronic pop is at once experimental and inviting. We are looking forward to seeing how the versatile Brit will entertain Roskilde Festival. YELLE is a glamorous chanteuse with a penchant for disco, flashy costumes and naughty lyrics. Embrace the French language and you could end up with an experience like Robyn's already legendary concerts at the stages Cosmopol and Arena. Finally, in February we had the honour of presenting the futuristic pop diva JANELLE MONÁE whose blend of musical, R&B, alternative rock and hip hop makes one wonder if the young woman is from this part of the Milky Way.

a musical cornucopia from the us

Roskilde Festival has an array of American bands like no other Scandinavian festival. At many of our competitors you only see American names at the top of the programme, at Roskilde Festival you find American names in all sizes and formats.

THE WALKMEN have for too long been a band that only the privileged few know about. The band's biting serenades about longing, frustration and hope ought to win the hearts of everyone who already digs Roskilde favourites The National. SURFER BLOOD have won lots of hearts with their straightforward, uncomplicated guitar pop. Welcome the young lads – they bring songs that are equal parts Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. BATTLES are reborn as a trio and have a new album coming up. The matchless, weird experimental rock band have said themselves that they look forward to playing Gloss Drop live. They get the chance to prove it at Roskilde Festival and will certainly not pass on such an opportunity. For fans of stars and stripes, of course it does not end here. We have already announced BRIGHT EYES, KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS and JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE – and that is just from the Americana-flavoured corner. No less than 35 American bands have so far found their way onto this year's poster.


A great rock show can contain elements of theatre and horror. ROB ZOMBIE knows that and he visits Roskilde Festival with one of his visually gory shows. Swedish band GHOST play in disguise – they always play their 70s-inspired heavy rock dressed in frocks leaving the audience unaware of the band's true identity. The black metal demons in 1349 are from Norway and always go onstage wearing corpse paint – it is no secret, however, that drummer Frost also plays the drums in Satyricon. You find a different kind of uneasiness with CHRIS CUNNINGHAM who is especially known for his videos for Aphex Twin. Nowadays, the long-haired Brit has moved further toward the music. His live show is a mixture of mixtape, installation, concert and cinema experience, filled with eerie surrealism and mystical sci-fi.


The metal genre is quite a few years old. Roskilde Festival covers both the young and older generations. IRON MAIDEN is obviously one of the most traditional sizes and a name that almost all sub-genres relate to. AUTOPSY and KILLING JOKE also have a dark-edged legend status among fans of the more extreme metal genres. Without these sources of inspiration it is uncertain if we would enjoy the following line of bands, even though they take the genre in entirely different directions. With UNDERØATH, PARKWAY DRIVE and BRING ME THE HORIZON on the poster, we find a new generation and a young audience who are not afraid of a touch of emo in their metal. SOILWORK also joins the programme today. The Swedes have become a huge name wth their audience-friendly version of the Gothenburg metal. And that is not all, we also cover other sub-genres: the prog-metal giants MASTODON, the sludgeheads EYEHATEGOD, psychedelic KYLESA and the unorthodox death metal disciples DÅÅTH have already been added to the programme.


Overseas music plays an increasingly important role for other popular genres in the rich world. We imagine that we have contributed to this by always focusing on music from all over the globe. But often, world music presented outside of its home countries is not the same as the music listened to locally. So, it is not without pleasure that this year we have two acts on the programme that inspire audiences here, there and, not least, as superstars in their home regions: CALLE 13 from Puerto Rico who, despite loads of Latin Grammys, has both edge and a hot show – and FALLY IPUPA from the Democratic Republic of Congo who on the African continent is the new great soukous star. He brings his large ensemble to Roskilde directly from Kinshasa.


BAD RELIGION has since 1980 released a large number of albums that, despite a uniform template, maintains a high quality. Their melodic punk rock has inspired NOFX, Green Day and a whole militia of other punk bands. Unspoiled and without complacency, these Californian silver punks occupy a central spot in the more accessible part of punk rock. SWANS also started in the early 80s, but in New York City, and now the band returns to Roskilde Festival. The American post-punk/post-rock/drone pioneers have recently gotten back together and made the album My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky. All suspicions of a boring reunion are engulfed in the muddy, suicidal mists that Michael Gira's baritone vocals conjure.We recently announced KILLING JOKE, and the provoking, billous Brits have also inspired numerous bands with their blend of post-punk, industrial and metal. Lead singer Jaz Coleman is one of British rock's many unforgettable personalities who constantly explores new artistic territory and along the way has taken on films, classical music, a Disney soundtrack and has even been honoured by the state of France.


AFROCUBISM is one of this year's biggest stories on the global music scene. The team behind Buena Vista Social Club has finally their original vision in place: a meeting between West Africa and Cuba. The band uses the entire spring touring and playing together so we can expect a group of experienced musicians in great shape. SEUN ANIKULAPO KUTI and FEMI KUTI – sons of the legendary Fela Kuti – have never before played on the same stage. It is true music history that Roskilde Festival has arranged a double concert with the two sons who both, in each their own way, bring the father's legacy on to new generations of funk-hungry music fans. Afrobeat is far from the only African genre that has turned on Western music listeners. Congotronics – the clattering dance music from the streets of Kinshasa – is treated with care by a number of alternative rock bands that share the stage with some of the veterans of the congotronics genre. The full lineup is CONGOTRONICS vs ROCKERS feat. KONONO N°1, DEERHOOF, KASAI ALLSTARS, JUANA MOLINA, WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS and SKELETONS.


As something special this year we have asked Dutch band THE EX to curate a series of performances leading up to their own concert. It is an interesting selection of artists they have invited. We are served a cocktail of British post-punk from reformed JACKDAW WITH CROWBAR, speed-grunge from the French trio API UIZ, a set from DJ /RUPTURE and a first-listen to THE EX front man Arnold de Boers solo project ZEA. As previously mentioned, more and more bands from our part of the world find inspiration from far away, and therefore it is also only a small surprise that THE EX has invited Ethiopian ILILTA BAND to what looks like an inspiring glimpse of the legendary punk band’s many sources of inspiration.


JUSTIN ADAMS and JULDEH CAMARA are responsible for one of many fun and exciting sessions that Roskilde Festival 2011 provides. The meeting between Robert Plant's guitarist and the desert griot will result in a true musical trance that might make you feel the Sahara sand under your feet. And if the trance gets you, you can continue with RANGO from the part of the globe where black Africa meets the Muslim world and GONGA SAIN & MITHU SAIN from Pakistan who – despite the fact that one of the two brothers are deaf – have a reputation that resonate throughout the Indian subcontinent. Get on the carpet and fly up there and out there.

And all the rest...
The acts mentioned above are not a complete presentation of Roskilde Festival 2011. With more space and time we would come up with additional recommendations, but from here everyone can go explore and find their own favourites in our programme on


See you at Roskilde Festival 30 June - 3 July 2011. Warm-up 26 - 29 June.
The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.