until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Bus and train

Roskilde Festival is always encouraging its audience to act according to what is good for the environment. We thus also encourage our guests to use public transportation to get to the festival. One of the easiest ways you can get from Roskilde Station to the camping area is by the train that runs directly to a platform at the festival. You can also use the shuttle busses that take you to  both camping East and camping West.

From Saturday 30 June in the afternoon to Monday 9 July trains operate between Roskilde Station and the camping area. The train leaves every half hour and a one-way ticket costs DKK 20.

You are allowed to bring trolleys on the train but you have to be aware that there will be lots of people taking the train and the carriage might have quite narrow doors – so remember to show consideration when you need to get your stuff in and out of the train.

The train station is placed in camping West so if you are bringing a trolley of some kind for all your stuff and you are planning to camp in camping East you might consider to walk or take the bus to the camping are when you first arrive. It is just some small advice but if you take the train you will end up having to carry all your stuff over the gangway  combining the two camping areas – and that can be a bit of a heavy project.

Between Roskilde Station and the festival area shuttle busses operate to both entrances East and entrance West.

The busses operate from Saturday 30 June in the afternoon until Monday 9 July. The busses leave whenever they are filled up and a one-way ticket costs DKK 20.

The festival bus
If you're coming from Sweden, Norge or England and you are of the opinion that all the stuff about transportation to the festival should let to someone else, you should consider buying a ticket for one of the festival busses. The only thing you then have to do is to get up early Saturday morning and jump on the bus and you will be ready to run in on the campsite with everybody else when it opens Saturday afternoon.

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