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120 Days coming to Roskilde Festival 2012
The first Norwegian announcement this festival season takes place in cooperation with the streaming service WiMP.

Roskilde Festival and the streaming service WiMP release this year’s first Norwegian act together.

120 DAYS (N) plays cold, dark electronic rock that sounds like Kraftwerk’s hometown Düsseldorf in the 70s and Manchester in the 90s.

120 Days II (the follow-up to the debut album, which was also followed by a Roskilde-concert in 2007) bodes well for a rock rave full of laser lights, Norwegian cold degrees and house hypnosis.

The Norwegians also play at the music festival by:Larm in Oslo, which takes place right now.


See you at Roskilde Festival 5 – 8 July 2012
(warm-up from 30 June to 4 July)