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Apparatjik lands on Orange Stage late Thursday
The international super group offers up a cosmic sensual bombardment under the night sky.

A spectacular concert awaits Thursday night at Roskilde Festival 2012. When all other music has gone silent, you should head for Orange Stage that presents an extra show beyond the usual.

Apparatjik lands around 1 o’clock on Thursday night.

The international super group is currently working on a show that does not resemble anything you have experienced at Roskilde Festival.

"We expect a sensual bombardment, but we're waiting - just like the audience - in excitement to see what they come up with on this special night," says music director Rikke Øxner.

With members from a-ha, Coldplay and Mew, the musical backbone is quite solid.

Concert and art at once
The musical cosmonauts in Apparatjik are currently working on an innovative show filled with alluring falsetto vocals, synths and a Scandinavian feel. On a space journey filled with surprising features, Apparatjik will accelerate towards the Milky Way's outer provinces and blur the distinction between art and concert.

Look forward to some close encounters of the third kind on Orange Stage. This will be another unique Roskilde event that's guaranteed not recur in the foreseeable range of light-years.

See you at Roskilde Festival 5 – 8 July 2012
(warm-up from 30 June to 4 July)