until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

250,000 DKK for green projects

Green Footsteps Funds is Roskilde Festival Charity Society's newly founded support for climate-friendly initiatives. We accept applications now and until 10 December.

Is your organisation or society working on a green project for COP15? Do you need the final funding to make your climate action optimal?

Then Green Footsteps Funds may be a help!

250,000 DKK for climate projects
In 2009, Roskilde Festival focused on climate changes with the campaign Green Footsteps, and now the festival wants to help all green footsteps on their way  – also outside of the festival.

Therefore, we offer a pool of 250,000 DKK (approx. € 34,000) to climate-related projects. The pool addresses especially minor organisations, so each project can apply for a maximum of 20,000 DKK (approx. € 2700).

Application for Green Footsteps Funds is open from today, and the applications are processed on an ongoing basis and fast. Please notice, deadline for applications is Thursday 10 December.

Who can apply?

  • Societies and organisations – not individuals
  • Initiatives from minor organisations and societies have highest priority
  • A Danish organizer must be behind the initiative
  • One criterion for the project is that it must involve and engage citizens or young people
  • The project must have a creative dimension and it should encourage action

The project must live up to at least one of the following two criteria:

  • The project provides information about or examines problems regarding climate changes.
  • The project proposes solutions for the climate changes – e.g. in the shape of new creative approaches to save energy, reduce CO2 emission, get a greener city or live in a more climate-friendly manner.

How to apply
The application must contain:

  • Project description (no longer than one page)
  • Draft budget (no longer than one page)
  • Communication plan (no longer than one page)

Put ’Green Footsteps Funds’ in the subject line and send the application to marie.rogvi@roskilde-festival.dk – no later than Thursday 10 December and the earlier the better as we are processing applications on a running basis.


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