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Carlsberg won third group in CWC

Carlsberg is the winner and Danish Crown the loser of group 3 in Climate World Cup. You can still participate in the tournament where you can evaluate a number of Nordic companies' green promises, win 3x2 tickets to Roskilde Festival and take a green footstep.

The tough competition in Climate World Cup’s group 3 has barely died out before four big transport companies are ready to be evaluated in group 4 from 30 March to 3 April. Here you can help judge whether DFDS, DSV, Maersk Line or SAS live best up to their goals concerning the climate and the environment.

If you participate in Climate World Cup, you have a chance of winning 3x2 tickets including an exclusive tour behind the festival's sustainable stage Odeon. If you vote in three rounds, you take a green footstep and thereby come a step closer to a spot at the climate-friendly camping area at Roskilde Festival 2010, Green Bootcamp.

With the highest rate in Climate World Cup, Carlsberg was the obvious winner of group 3. Carlsberg's CO2 emissions fell 4.6 percent in a year and the brewery takes an active role in relation to the climate changes. Thereby, Carlsberg is the company of the group that lies the least about its green profile.

The world's largest exporter of pork, Danish Crown, was the big loser of group 3. The audience particularly punished the company for not having concrete climate goals. Danish Crown's pork production leads to an emission of 6.4 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

Carlsberg and Danish Crown will participate in the winners' and losers' finals from 7 to 9 April.

The other two players of group 3 were Arla and Danisco. The latter was disqualified due to errors in the reported information. The data Danisco received for review and approval has proven to be incorrect – so to avoid errors in the results, Danisco has now been disqualified.

Group 1 (energy)
Qualified for the winners’ finale: Maersk Oil
Qualified for the losers’ finale: Statoil

Group 2 (design)
Qualified for the winners’ finale: H&M
Qualified for the losers’ finale: IKEA

The losers as well as the winners have been informed about the results. If they choose to comment on the outcome, you can read their responses unedited on www.climateworldcup.com.

Climate World Cup is developed by DanWatch with support from Roskilde Festival.

Read more and participate on www.climateworldcup.com



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