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DSV and Danish Crown are the biggest greenwashers

The audience gives DSV and Danish Crown red cards, while SAS flies to victory in the climate tournament Climate World Cup.

In the previous four weeks, Roskilde Festival's audience has evaluated the biggest Nordic companies’ visions about the climate and the environment in the web-based tournament Climate World Cup. The grand final took place last week, when the winners and losers of the preliminary rounds were assessed again on the basis of video interviews about their climate actions.

In the losers’ final, DSV, Danish Crown, IKEA and Statoil were re-evaluated. DSV and Danish Crown lost the preliminary round due to the lack of specific climate goals, and in the final the two companies had to convince the audience about their climate-consciousness.

DSV's environmental manager Thomas Susé tried by focusing on the fact that DSV has reduced its CO2 emissions by 23 % on road transportation compared to 2005, while Danish Crown environmental manager Charlotte Thye emphasised that the company has made climate improvements throughout the production chain to provide consumers with pork that has a relatively low climate impact.

But although both DSV and Danish Crown spoke well, they still ended up with a shared last place. IKEA and Statoil also got a grade below average and must realise that the audience does not think that they live up to their climate goals.

In contrast, the audience honoured SAS for its credible climate goals. SAS’ Director for the Environment & Sustainability Martin Porsgaard informed that the goal is to reduce environmental impacts by 20 % before 2020. So the audience did not punish SAS because of its current CO2 emissions, but focused on its willingness to make a big environmental difference in the future.

All the four participants in the winners’ final – SAS, Carlsberg, H&M and Maersk Oil – got grades above average.

Although Climate World Cup is settled, the fight for greener companies that act more climate-friendly is not over. Roskilde Festival's climate campaign Green Footsteps focuses on the climate and the environment, including big companies’ environmental responsibility, with lots of activities before, during and after the festival.

Read more about Climate World Cup and Green Footsteps.


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