until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Green tips and super camps

Share your tips for a greener lifestyle and make a green camp at this year’s festival. Two new green footsteps can help you on the way to a spot at the greenest camping area at Roskilde Festival 2010.

Would you like a spot at the climate-friendly camping area, Green Boot Camp, at Roskilde Festival 2010? Already now you can start taking the three green footsteps that guarantee you a spot in the area.

A green footstep is an action that respects the environment in different ways, e.g. through energy-conservation, sustainability and waste minimization. The latest footsteps encourage you to share your tips for a greener lifestyle and create a green camp:

How do you cut down on your use of electricity, natural resources and chemicals in your everyday life? If you are willing to share your green tips, you move a step closer to the climate-friendly camping area at Roskilde festival 2010.

Only your imagination sets a limit to what your super green camp at this year’s festival can contain. Last year we saw ideas such as electricity-producing wind turbines and beer coolers powered by solar cells. So get in touch with your inner inventor and create the most notable green camp this year.



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