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H&M wins and IKEA flops at Climate World Cup

H&M is the second group winner in Climate World Cup where the audience select which Nordic company best lives up to its own climate commitments. IKEA scored the worst grade and was a sure loser in the design group.

The Swedes took the prizes in the second group in Climate World Cup where Roskilde Festival's audience choose the world champion in greenwashing. Greenwashing is a term for the process where companies market themselves as much climate-conscious but do not live up to it.

The audience punished IKEA with a last place in the design group for not living up to their objectives for a better effort for the climate.

IKEA say in their marketing that the company is "concerned about climate change and is working actively to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from our operations", but the Swedish giant has increased its CO2 emission by 25 % over three years. Furthermore, IKEA does not use climate-friendly forms of transport, and this triggers a large number of red and yellow cards in the audience judgment.

The Swedish clothing company H&M secured first place in front of NOKIA and LEGO by showing that it, to a certain extent, puts its climate promises into action. H&M's CO2 emissions have fallen in recent years – both measured by turnover and in general. Furthermore, the clothing company has made an effort to shift to more climate-friendly transport – and is thus rewarded by the Roskilde audience.

The audience rating of four companies means that IKEA qualifies for the losers’ final for ‘greenwashing world champion’ (7 - 9 April), while H&M along with last week's winner, Maersk Oil, will compete against the other two group pool winners in the winners’ final.

Both the losing and the winning companies have been informed about the users’ verdict, and if they choose to comment on the outcome, their responses can be read in unedited form in Danish on www.climateworldcup.dk and in English on www.climateworldcup.com.

This week, food companies Danisco, Carlsberg, Arla and Danish Crown come under close scrutiny when they fight about not becoming the biggest greenwasher. The voting in the food group is open from today, Tuesday 23 March.

When participating in Climate World Cup, the audience also enter the draw for 3x2 tickets to Roskilde Festival, including an exclusive tour behind Odeon – the festival's Sustainable Stage. When the audience have participated in three rounds of Climate World Cup, they have also qualified for a green footstep.

See more on www.climateworldcup.dk and www.climateworldcup.com.

Climate World Cup is has been developed by the organisation DanWatch with support from Roskilde Festival.


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