Recycle your clothes and throw a green dinner party

See the first two green footsteps that can be your gateway to the climate-friendly camping area.

Already now you can start taking green footsteps, so you are ready with the documentation to secure your spot on the greenest camping area at Roskilde Festival 2010.

In order to qualify for a spot, you have to take three green footsteps. Green footsteps are actions that respect the environment in different ways, eg. through energy-conservation, sustainability and waste minimization.

There will be 10 different kinds of green footsteps, and the first ones will be announced on the festival's website and at Green Footsteps' ­­Facebook page during February and March. When you take a green footstep, remember to document it, for instance by taking a photo. Documentation cannot yet be submitted, but more information will follow soon.

The first two green footsteps encourage you to let others enjoy your old clothes and make a banquet with care for the climate and environment.



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