until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Register your green footsteps

From 2 to 20 June you can register your green footsteps and get special access to the green camping area Green Bootcamp.

We now open for registration of green footsteps that give you access to Green Bootcamp, a green oasis at the camp site with focus on eco-friendly initiatives. You can register your green footsteps in the period 2-20 June – or until the 500 available spots are taken.

With a wristband to Green Bootcamp, you have special access to the camping area from Saturday 26 June at 18:00 to Sunday 27 June at 8:00 after which the area is open to everyone.

We have space for the first 500 guests who have their three green footsteps approved.

  • Register on www.greenfootsteps.dk
  • Click the link in the confirmation mail, which takes you to the registration form. In the form you can upload your documentation for the green footsteps you have taken.
  • We look at the registrations on a running basis, and you will be notified if your registration is approved or rejected.
  • You will receive an e-mail with the current status and a final mail that confirms that you have qualified for staying in Green Bootcamp. You are not guaranteed a spot until you receive the final confirmation mail.
  • You will receive your Green Footsteps wristband after 20 June when the registration closes - and on Friday 25 June at the latest.
  • If your documentation is not approved, the you lose your place in queue, so make sure that the documentation you upload is correct.
  • When registering green footstep no. 10 (the bike trip), it is important that you write in the comments box if you want to borrow a bicycle. If you sign up for the trip, you will receive your Green Footsteps wristband when you show up.
  • For practical reasons, the two green footsteps ’Climate World Cup’ and ’Climate art’ are no longer possible to take. If you have participated in one or both of these green footsteps, then you just upload the receipt that you have received.

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