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Roskilde among the 60 most important climate players in Denmark

According to a leadership survey, Roskilde Festival's Esben Danielsen has great influence on the Danish hosting of the climate summit.

In the last weeks leading up to the climate summit COP15 in December, Roskilde Festival has sizable influence.

That is the conclusion of a leadership survey from the strategic advisory firm Dalberg that has selected 60 Danes who hold the key to a successful Danish hosting.

Roskilde Festival's Development Director Esben Danielsen is among these 60 people.

The reason for this, according to Dalberg, is that Esben Danielsen - by virtue of hos position with Roskilde Festival - involves lots of young people in the climate issue in the Green Footsteps campaign and is responsible for the music stage at Copenhagen City Hall Square during COP15.

We appreciate being selected and the fact that our campaign has helped bring attention to the importance of this climate debate.

Read Dalberg's press release and see all 60 people (only in Danish)


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