until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Roskilde donates DKK 500,000 to Hopenhagen LIVE

The donation (approx. € 67,114) goes to realising a music stage as sustainable as possible at Copenhagen City Hall Square.

Today marks the opening day of the climate summit COP15. It is also the opening day for a great offering of activities and events in Copenhagen during the climate summit. The perhaps biggest activity is called Hopenhagen LIVE and takes place at Copenhagen City Hall Square.

Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated DKK 500,000 (approx. € 67,114) to Hopenhagen LIVE, which is spent on making the music stage at Copenhagen City Hall Square as green as possible.

So when bands such as Gogol Bordello play the stage, Roskilde Festival ensures that it will take place under greener circumstances.

"We'd like to show that it's possible to cut down on the energy consumption and the CO2 emission and still present first-class live events," says Roskilde Festival's climate coordinator Thomas Niebuhr.

"The most climate-friendly act is, of course, not to have any concerts at all, but life doesn't have to be boring just because we care about the climate. By adjusting the usage of resources, we raise the bar for climate-friendly concerts. We hope that we can pave the way for other organizers all over the world," says Thomas Niebuhr.

  • On the stage LED lighting is primarily in use, consisting of small diode lamps. 30 % of energy is saved compared to conventional stages – without compromising quality.
  • The stage is partly powered by a Biodiesel generator running on Danish rapeseed oil, reducing the usage of fossil fuels.
  • A custom-built container is put up, generating power from alternative energy sources – solar cells, hydrogen and bicycle energy.
  • Roskilde Festival accounts for how much CO2 stage production emits to find out how much CO2 emission is saved.
  • All artists and volunteers are offered organic food and drinks.
  • All disposable material is bio-degradable and sorting of garbage and containers for compost is available.
  • Electric cars are used for transportation of artists.

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