until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Roskilde Festival launches Climate World Cup

Join the evaluation of a number of large Nordic companies’ climate goals in the tournament Climate World Cup. At the same time, you take a green footstep and compete for 3 x 2 tickets to this year's Roskilde Festival.

In collaboration with DanWatch, Roskilde Festival runs the tournament Climate World Cup that begins on 9 March and runs for five weeks.

Here you can help evaluate whether large Nordic companies live up to their green promises or deserve a red card for claiming to be greener than they actually are.

Climate World Cup takes place on www.climateworldcup.com. There are four categories of companies – energy, design, food and transportation – each of which runs from Tuesday to Saturday.

During this period you can go to www.climateworldcup.com and evaluate the various companies’ goals and visions about the climate and the environment and what they actually do to follow them.

If you rate in at least three categories, you take a green footstep and are thereby one step closer to qualifying for a spot at Roskilde Festival’s green campsite area Green Bootcamp. Read more about taking green footsteps.

When you take part in Climate World Cup you automatically compete for 3 x 2 tickets to Roskilde Festival 2010, including an exclusive backstage tour at the Sustainable Stage (Odeon). The more weeks you rate, the bigger is your chance to win the tickets. The winners will be notified directly and announced on this website.



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