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Statoil lost. Maersk Oil won

The first group in Climate World Cup is now settled.

Statoil won the the dubious honour of being the greatest greenwasher in round one of Climate World Cup. Here the audience judge on a scale from 1 to 5 to what extent a number of selected Nordic companies live up to their climate commitments.

The oil company ended last with a score of 1.4 points. Statoil themselves say that their "ambition is to supply energy to comply with the increasing demand that is necessary to the economic and social development while at the same time taking the environment into consideration and actively fighting against global climate changes."

Meanwhile, the company's CO2 emissions from 2006 to 2008 have increased by 13 %. In 2008, Statoil emitted 15.1 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. This got 54 % of the competition participants to give Statoil the red card, which is the lowest rating in the contest.

Winner with a defensive strategy
With a score of 2.6, Maersk Oil won the energy group in Climate World Cup. The company reached 1st place due to a relatively defensive strategy. In its marketing, Maersk Oil promises very little about its climate efforts. That gives it less to live up to. Statoil has not published an official goal for the reduction of CO2 emissions but will "develop, test and implement new technologies in order to fight the emissions of greenhouse gases." This has made 63 % give Maersk Oil's objectives in the climate field the yellow or red card.

Both Statoil and the other two participants in the energy group, Vattenfall and DONG, will in their own words do more for the climate than Maersk Oil. But the audience has judged that they do not not quite live up to their green promises.

All four companies received a score under average. Vattenfall scored 1.9 and thus came second, while DONG finished third with a score of 1.6.

The four companies in group 1 have been told about the audience's judgments. If they choose to comment on the result, their responses will be available in unedited form in Danish on www.climateworldcup.dk and in English on www.climateworldcup.com.

Qualifiy for winners' and losers' finals
The audience rating of the four companies means that Statoil qualifies for the losers' final that takes place 7 - 9 April when the world champion in greenwashing is found, while Maersk Oil is to compete against the other three round winners in a final round in the same period.

This week's group: design
This week focuses on companies in the design sector – Lego, Ikea, Nokia, and H&M – which come under close scrutiny when they fight about not becoming the biggest greenwasher. The vote for the design group is open from today, Tuesday 16 March.


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