until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Summit festival atmosphere in Copenhagen

Roskilde Festival helps Copenhagen turn the cllimate summit COP15 into a party for all citizens.

In connection with the climate summit COP15 in December, Roskilde Festival moves into Copenhagen City Hall Square to contribute to the event Hopenhagen Live.

Hopenhagen Live is about attracting the citizens' attention to climate issues - in an entertaining way.

Roskilde Festival is responsible for putting content on a music stage at Copenhagen City Hall Square, and we are getting ready for one of the hottest highlights of the winter season.

Balkan punks Gogol Bordello as well as Danish bands Malk De Koijn and Outlandish are among the music acts that all music fans can come see live - free of charge.

Besides a music stage, 17 transparent pavilions are set up at Copenhagen City Hall Square where they light up the place using greenish low-energy lighting. Here you can learn more about technological climate solutions, new types of housing, watch theatre plays and participate in debates.

As a landmark of the the entire event, an interactive globe (20 metres in diameter) is erected. At night, photos and messages from guests and climate fighters are projected in the globe, and the messages are forwarded to the representatives at the summit at Bella Center.

Hopenhagen Live takes place 7 to 18 December, and all activities – concerts included – are free and take place at Copenhagen City Hall Square.

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