Switch to green power

Use sustainable energy and move a step closer to the climate-friendly camping area at Roskilde Festival, Green Bootcamp.

Only 500 people will have the pleasure of staying at the green oasis Green Bootcamp at Roskilde Festival 2010, and the hunt for the desirable spots is in full swing.

The spots are distributed on a first come first serve basis, but to qualify, you must take three out of 10 possible green footsteps - actions that respect the environment in different ways.

A new green footstep has just been revealed:

Take a green footstep by using sustainable energy. There are several ways to achieve this footstep. If you already use sustainable energy, you have got yourself a footstep – good for you! For documentation you must upload a copy of your agreement/contract or the latest bill from your renewable energy provider in the registration form when it becomes available.



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