until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Take Green Footsteps at Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival puts the environment on the agenda again this year with the campaign Green Footsteps and a climate-friendly camping area.

If you make a special effort to keep the planet in balance, you can live in a climate-friendly camping area at Roskilde Festival.

In order to qualify for a spot, you have to take three green footsteps. Green footsteps are actions that respect the environment in different ways – for instance through energy-conservation, sustainability and waste minimization.

There are ten different kinds of green footsteps, all of which will be announced on the festival's website and on Green Footsteps' ­­Facebook page during February and March.

The climate-friendly camping area is located at camping East and accommodates approx. 500 festival-goers. If you want to live there you have to be a fan of the green grass because the goal is to leave the site exactly as green as it was when you came.

The area is smaller this year, and we therefore recommend that you keep an eye on Green Footsteps' page on Facebook and Roskilde Festival’s website.

Although the politicians lost an international climate-momentum on the floor in December, the climate changes remain an inescapable reality. Roskilde festival therefore supports the festival guests' efforts to protect the environment with the campaign Green Footsteps.

The campaign focuses on climate changes by providing information and by encouraging the festival guests to take green footsteps. Last year, the guests took more than 45,000 green footsteps and sent a clear message about how it’s done to politicians and businesses all over the world.

Get more information about Green Footsteps and the climate-friendly camping area on THE PAGE GREEN FOOTSTEPS and GREEN FOOTSTEPS' PAGE ON FACEBOOK


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Music and climate-friendliness on Roskilde Festival.
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