The last green footsteps ready

If you are willing to donate your bottle deposit refund or bike to Roskilde Festival you move a step closer to Roskilde Festival’s climate-friendly camping area Green Bootcamp.

If you want to camp at Roskilde Festival with a green conscience, the camping area Green Bootcamp may be something for you. To qualify you must take at least three green footsteps – i.e. actions that show that you actively take a position regarding the environmental challenges facing the world.

Today, we announce the last two of 10 possible green footsteps:

Donate your bottle deposit refund
Throw your empty bottles, jars and cans in the deposit refund machine instead of the garbage can.

Bike to Roskilde Festival
Start your festival with windswept hair and a green consciousness by riding your bicycle to Roskilde Festival.

We work hard to make Green Bootcamp the coolest camping area for all of you who qualify. Already now you can see the winning postcard in our competition on Green Footsteps’ Facebook page.



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