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1.6 million Danish kroner to Christmas aid and the homeless

Needy families with dependent children and homeless people are among the recipients of the profit and Christmas gifts from Roskilde Festival.

By: Thomas Lenler Olesen

Today, the Danish Mothers’ Aid receives DKK 500,000 for the organisation’s Christmas fundraising campaign.

The reason is that the Mothers’ Aid are suffering under the increasing lack of confidence in whether poverty exists in Denmark.

Concern at the Mothers’ Aid
The Mothers’ Aid’s goal is getting people to a point where they can support themselves in their everyday life, and it is important that we all help each other in a decent way. But we are worried about whether the politicians’ harsh statements in the present poverty discussion will also affect the Danish people’s wish to help the financially and socially needy in the long run”, says Mads Roke Clausen, director of the Danish Mothers’ Aid.

At the same time, Roskilde Festival’s dedicated volunteers will hand out Christmas gifts at a value of DKK 500,000 from Lego and Tivolitur for some of Denmark’s marginalised families with dependent children.

The Christmas gifts are handed out to children that have been selected by the Mothers’ Aid and the organisation Julegaveregn, which does fundraising for Danish orphans and children that are living at the Danish Red Cross asylum centre Avnstrup.

Moreover, the Danish People’s Aid receives DKK 150,000 for their Christmas fundraising campaign for needy families. The organisation does not put up with 65,000 children living in poverty in Denmark. In closing, Roskilde Festival Charity Society benefits Project Gjaestebud with DKK 464,000, to enable their 200 volunteers to better the everyday life for the homeless in Copenhagen.

Passionate volunteers make a difference
“Parliament’s MP’s continue to make an effort to derail the debate about what defines poverty or if poverty even exists in Denmark. We have to react to that and that is why Roskilde Festival donates part of its profit to organisations and passionate volunteers that really make a difference for others and remind us that nobody should be struck by poverty in Denmark,” says Steen Jørgensen, chairman of the board in Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

In 2012, Roskilde Festival continues the Statement campaign, which since 2010 has put focus on poverty and inequality. The aim of the campaign is for Denmark to implement an official poverty line.

Since the early 70’s, Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated more than DKK 180 million.


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