until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 28.06.12

1.7 million Danish kroner to music and football in asylum centres

As part of this year’s statement, we focus on the conditions for asylum seekers in Denmark. An asylum seeker waits 600 days on average in an asylum centre. Because of that, Roskilde Festival Charity Society in collaboration with Hummel has initiated and donated DKK 1.7 million to two projects to make the waiting time in the centres more bearable and give their everyday life meaning.

During this year’s Roskilde Festival a team of young women from some of Denmark’s asylum centres will compete against other women’s football teams from all over Denmark in the Sensational Football Tournament, which takes place in Game City on Wednesday 4 July.

All of the tournament – which is girls' only – will be held in Game City from Monday 2 July until Wednesday 4 July and the teams have already been filled. But there is plenty of room for spectators, chilled beers nearby and a stand with more info about both Sensational Football and about the asylum-ball project. The football training for women in asylum centres continues all year round.

Watch a video from the practice at the asylum centres here

Sweet music in the asylum centres
With DKK 700,000 donated in collaboration with ORA and Råstof Roskilde, over the course of the next year, Roskilde Festival and Hummel will create good vibes and good relationships through music and musical training in asylum centres around Denmark.

Throughout the year a mobile rehearsal room will tour between the asylum centres in Denmark. In the rehearsal room you get the opportunity to do interaction and rotation, instrumental training, song writing and small concerts for friends and family.

The meeting room will tour the country at the same time as Sensational Football, which means that in each stop, it will go on for 1-2 months with a teacher attached – one that can teach both music and football. The rehearsal room warms up at Roskilde Festival and hits the first asylum centre in September.

Make your own battle song for Sensational Football in the rehearsal room
During Roskilde Festival the rehearsal room will be in Game City at camping West – in the room you can e.g. make your own battle song for the Street Football Tournament.

Photo: Emil Luthers

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