Wednesday 27.02.13

4 solid acts coming to Roskilde Festival

Today's music package offers electronica, folk pop and Danish-language pop.

This Wednesday we announce four acts who have all earned lots of credit with both the audience and the critics.

CRYSTAL CASTLES (CA) is a duo who inject the energy from punk into their trance-inspired electronica. Alice Glass is a shrill and fired-up front woman who sings on top of analogue synths, a pulsating beat and neverending stroboscopes.

MARIE KEY (DK) has established herself as one of the most original songwriters and lyricists in Denmark. With a more electronic sound, she has conquered both the radio waves and the critics with her latest album.

is the latest star in the sky playing stomp-and-clap folk rock, which is getting popular all over the world. Concerts with The Lumineers often result in big singalongs and call and response with the audience.

OF MONSTERS AND MEN (IS) have fallen right into the grace of an international audience with their grandly orchestrated folk pop. With a dark nature poetry they create an unmistakably Icelandic feel. Of course, the Icelanders already consider Of Monsters And Men a national treasure.


Crystal Castles inject the energy from punk into their trance-inspired electronica.

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