until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 11.06.14


Look forward to Art Zone – a beacon for the arts located between Orange Stage and Avalon.

Impressive raw structures of scaffolding that run up to 12 meters high, a giant maze to walk around in and a full-blown candy striped visual identity is Art Zone from the outside.

Entering the zone, however, will lead you through a variety of exiting art forms for you to participate in – performances, journalistic talk shows, light installations, architecture, gaming and graffiti!

Art Zone welcomes everyone to enter a special universe of both current and interactive art with room for curiousness, opinions, imagination, creativity and co-creation.

Be the architect and move around houses and stages, enjoy the view from the high structures, sense your way through a performance house, get lost in the maze or participate in gaming activities that merges virtual reality with the reality on site!

This year marks the first time that all art projects have been gathered at one venue, and you can do both scheduled stops or drop-bys. You can participate actively or simply sit down and take it all in. It is a place for you to explore and perhaps expand your view of art.

6000 m2, 2 km of scaffolding, 21 art projects, 150 artists and 75 volunteers make up the recipe for the arts at this year’s festival, and you are invited to stop by, play along, interact with and help create the artworks. It is art in the making!

Artists in Art Zone 2014: INSA, Marcos Zotes, Zetland, Maser, Wolfmans Title, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Savage Amusement, Sisters Hope, Katalin Halasz, UngtLys, Christine Overvad Hansen, Augusta Sørensen, Hackstage, Die Gute Fabrik, David Kanaga, Kurato, Maria Legaard Kjeldsen and Reffelt//Brøgger.

Stay tuned for the detailed programme.

See you in Art Zone!

6000 m2 of interactive art. Performance, architecture, gaming, graffiti and lights for the taking!

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