until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 12.12.13

A Christmas donation to those in need

We donate DKK 900,000 (approx. EUR 121,000) to nine organisations working with socially disadvantaged. It's a part of the profits from this summer's Roskilde Festival that brings warmth in winter.

It's nice to bring warmth to others in this cold time of year. We do so by giving DKK 900,000 (approx. EUR 121,000) as a Christmas donation to those in need.

Roskilde Festival Charity Society has always had a special focus on socially disadvantaged children and young people. We hear from the organisations that the need for help and support has increased. It's a need that goes beyond Christmas. Therefore, we want a part of the donations to go to organisations that are active throughout the year, helping people to move on.

Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit - and it's part of the profits from this summer's festival that's benifitting others. So both guests and volunteers can pat themselves on the back. You are making this possible!

Help for homeless women
We've donated to, among others, Mødrehjælpen (organisation helping families with small children in need) and the Salvation Army. Both have received many more applications for Christmas help this year than earlier. Another donation receiver is acute hostel in central Copenhagen, Café Klare, who receives DKK 150,000 for their work with providing accomodation for vulnerable women and giving advice.

Christmas help in Norway and Sweden
For the first time, Roskilde Festival Charity Society also gives a Christmas donation to our Scandinavian neighbouring countries, more specifically to the Salvation Army in Norway and Sweden. A big part of our festival guests come from Norway and Sweden, so we also look to those countries when the profits will be distributed.

The DKK 900,000 from Roskilde Festival Charity Society are distributed to the following nine organisations (not all of them have an English name):

  • Mødrehjælpen: 300,000
  • Café Klare: 150,000
  • Salvation Army Denmark: 100,000
  • Salvation Army Sweden: 100,000
  • Salvation Army Norway: 100,000
  • Dansk Folkehjælp Julehjælp: 45,000
  • Juleaften i Konventhuset: 35,000
  • Børnenes Kontor Roskilde: 35,000
  • Roskilde Julehjælp (Roskilde Baptistkirke): 35,000
Photo: Simon Schierbeck

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