Wednesday 12.02.14

A diverse group of upcoming acts for the rising stage

Danish newcomers The Divers, Heimatt, Hexis, Karl William, Kill J and Swedish band Könsförrädare are added to the line-up.

Rebellious indie rock, rising R&B, alternative pop, chaotic black metal and acoustic folk. It is truly a diverse group of acts joining the line-up of the Rising stage today.

Today’s fresh newcomers are:

The Rising stage replaces the popular upcoming stage Pavilion Junior. It will be an open-air stage located at the campsite where upcoming acts will perform during the early days of the festival.

More tomorrow
This week continues with more music for the mainly electronic stage Apollo Countdown tomorrow. Follow us on Soundcloud to be the first to give the new acts a listen.



Bleak, Northern R&B from Danish Kill J at the Rising stage

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