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Wednesday 13.03.13

A warm and sunny addition to the Roskilde Festival 2013 lineup

Bombino, Hoba Hoba Spirit, Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs and Meridian Brothers bring some well-needed sunshine to your early spring.

The last couple of days have been horribly cold in Scandinavia – but hopefully today’s music announcements, ranging from West African desert blues to Colombian Latin rythms with a twist, will bring some well-needed sunshine to your day.

BOMBINO (NE) has become an ambassador for peace. His raw and poetic guitar playing is like witnessing a West African Jimi Hendrix shrouded in desert clothes. The guitarist with the rock star potential belongs to the desert nomads called the Tuaregs. Their hypnotic music has been a part of Roskilde Festival before when bands such as Tinariwen and Terakaft visited the festival.

HOBA HOBA SPIRIT (MA) has been a part of a minor Moroccan music revolution. Since the band turned on the amplifiers in the late 90s, they have combined rock and the tones of ancient Morocco in a way that has practically turned them into a national treasure. The fearless music collective combines traces of The Clash, Bob Marley and North African gnawa rhythms with their own melodic and accessible music.

KOTTARASHKY & THE RAIN DOGS (BG) invite us to the Bulgarian cosmopol Sofia. Kottarashky broke through with the laptop based Opa Hey! With the backing band The Rain Dogs he wanted to take a more organic approach. The dexterous orchestra serves a chilled brew of Eastern European folk music, dub, funk and soul. 

MERIDIAN BROTHERS (CO) do avantgarde pop from another dimension. Their foundation is Latin and tropical rhythms from their homeland. In a bubbling witch’s brew of sunshine and madness, bandleader and jester Eblis Álvarez takes us into his vision of Latin America. The crooked sounds are made out of lounge-like organs, seasick rhythms and steel brass.


Bombino delivers hypnotic desert music

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