until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 01.05.13

... and Kraftwerk will be the grand finale on Orange Stage

Historic concert in three dimensions

No Roskilde Festival without an unforgettable concert experience just before you go home Sunday night, brought to you this year by none other than Kraftwerk. They’ll be performering their unique and fantastic 3D-show for the first time in such a large outdoor scale on a festival in Northern Europe, so the midsummer sun will set over an Orange Stage looking more vivid than ever. And don’t worry about bringing your own 3D-glasses; Kraftwerk have enough for everyone.

”The final concert on Orange Stage Sunday night has always been a very special experience, a special moment where we all come together for the music, and I think it’s difficult to imagine a more spectacular way of saying goodbye to this year’s festival and all your friends than in the company of Kraftwerk and their very unique show.  One thing is the band’s importance to music history which can take the breath away from most everyone; another is the fact that it will most surely be a concert, we’ll still be talking about years from now. I’m certain that Sunday night with Kraftwerk will become a part of Roskilde Festival history,” says Roskilde Festival’s music director Rikke Øxner.

Even though it’s the first time Orange Stage will be turned into a giant 3D screen, she’s not at all worried about the technical challenges that go along with such a show.

”Our own technicians have been in dialogue with Kraftwerk’s technicians since day one, and I know that Kraftwerk wouldn’t be taking their 3D-show on the road to Roskilde if they weren’t completely confident when it comes to all the technicalities,” Rikke Øxner says.

Photo: Peter Boettcher

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