until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 09.01.13

Animal Collective visits Roskilde Festival 2013

The experimental nature boys will be joined by a batch of solid hip hop acts from New York + a Detroit detour.

We start this new music year with a package containing avant-garde rock and music from the hip hop capital of New York.

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE is a very central name when it comes to alternative experimental pop. The New Yorker band has pushed pop music into a whole new dimension on a number of deeply curious albums, latest on Centipede Hz from 2012. For fans of especially alternative rock and pop - well, innovative music, generally - this is a dream booking. We haven't seen these wunder kids since 2006 when they were still a rather small band playing on our small Pavilion stage. 

And then it's all about hip hop…
The rest of today's package is a batch of young hip hop with a respectful nod to the 90s.

In a time of full of exciting genre fusions, it's kind of liberating to have a bunch of hip hop bands who really appreciate old-school styles - without sounding passé.

ACTION BRONSON has a past as a gourmet chef, but has put palette knife and carving fork aside to devote himself to rap. With great confidence, he stands on the shoulders of Ghostface Killah and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan as his rap takes him away from the kitchen and straight onto the hip hop scene.

DANNY BROWN has grown up in Detroit, is a self-confessed music geek and has continued the legacy of the cap-clad king of the city J Dilla in the company of Black Milk. His lyrical universe often revolves around drugs and the grim conditions of his home town. His mental condition is not all that bad, however, as he leaves room for plenty of quivering women's thighs and hefty doses of humour.

FLATBUSH ZOMBIES is a duo whose rap is based on four classic hip hop subjects: smoke, money, ladies and freshly baked waffles. Erick Arc Elliot produces the couple who has also rapped alongside A$AP Rocky. Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice deliver philosophical horrorcore with a stoned twist.

JOEY BADA$$ is a New York rapper on fire. He is part of Pro Era, a young group of hip hoppers who seems to have a well-developed love of the classic 90s scene of their hometown. This crew may be New York's equivalent of Los Angeles' Odd Future, and Joey Bada$$ is one of the Brooklyn collective's most noted members.


Animal Collective has pushed pop music into a whole new dimension on a number of deeply curious albums.

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