Tuesday 07.05.13

Apollo takes over the gravel pit

The electronic Apollo Stage gets a new zone this year.

Roskilde Festival’s electronic music stage, Apollo, will find a new home in 2013. The Apollo Zone is taking over part of the old gravel pit that hasn’t been used for almost ten years. In 2012, the pit was filled, grass was planted, but the area wasn’t ready for the Roskilde audience to make use of it. This year, finally, we are able to use this site. The Apollo Zone is placed to the South of the Pavilion Stage.

A new world

The new zone will not only be an area linking the camping sites to the festival site. With the Apollo Stage as the center piece, the area will be a small universe of electronic music, lights- and art installations that will react and interact with the music. The Apollo Zone will be surrounded by lightning poles that will function as a mirror of light towards the festival-goers and the stage, and you will get the feeling of having stepped into another world – both during the day and during the night.

Electronic Roskilde

Roskilde Festival’s line-up has always focused on new music trends and therefore we also have a stage dedicated to electronic music. From Sunday 30 June upcoming Scandinavian acts will take on the stage while more established acts will perform on the UFO-looking stage from Thursday 4 July till Sunday 7 July in the brand new Apollo Zone.

Apollo takes over the gravel pit

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