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Wednesday 11.12.13

Arctic Monkeys charm their way back to Roskilde Festival

The British band made it to top 3 when we recently asked our audience about their hottest wishes. The lads return to Orange Stage with their best album to date in their backpack.

Some bands achieve a special connection with Roskilde Festival because of several concerts and an overwhelming demand from the audience. Today’s announcement is one of those bands, and they will play their only Scandinavian festival concert at Roskilde. 

They have made the best album in their career, and our audience wants them back badly. It would be almost sinful to miss a catch like that.

ARCTIC MONKEYS (UK) made it to top 3 when we recently asked the Roskilde audience about their biggest music wishes for the next festival.

The British favourites jumped on the rock history train back in 2006 - that's when they also played Roskilde Festival as fresh debutantes.

In 2014 Arctic Monkeys return to Orange Stage as one of the most beloved and requested rock bands of today.

On their recent album AM the British lads have perfected their flirt with American cactus rock. Arctic Monkeys have become an adult band with heavy balls and the guts to experiment with genres such as R&B and hip hop. Yet, you also still find tales of longing, sweaty armpits and romantic quests reminiscent of the Sheffield night life.

We are proud to have this ever-growing rock band back. 



Arctic Monkeys are one of the hottest wishes for Roskilde 2014.

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