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Monday 30.04.12

Asylum seekers bee-keeping gets support from Roskilde Festival

Tuesday 1 May, 20 asylum seekers will meet 500,000 worker bees that they will take care of over the summer.

500,000 Danish kroner, 500,000 bees and 20 asylum seekers
The money go to a project where 500,000 bees are used to train 20 asylum seekers in bee-keeping. The asylum seekers will be trained by two formerly homeless assistant beekeepers.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Danish Red Cross, who owns the honey. If the bee-keeping goes according to plan, you will get the opportunity to taste the honey at this year’s Roskilde Festival.

Worker bees for 1 May
Tuesday 1 May, the 500,000 worker bees will move to the park Fælledparken in Copenhagen with a lot of other happy workers. The beehives will be in the backyard of the Nils Bohr Institute, at Blegdamsvej 17, with a view over the park. Here, the asylum seekers will meet their bees for the first time. The event takes place at 1-3 PM. After that, they will take care of the bees once a week throughout the summer.

Roskilde Festival Charity Society’s donation to the ByBi project is an extension of Roskilde Festival’s Statement campaign, which this year focuses the conditions for young asylum seekers in Denmark and the Nordic countries.

Read more on www.bybi.dk


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