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Monday 19.11.12

Buy a photo with a view from the top of Orange Stage

The CphCph photographers are now selling photos shot from some of the most sought-out vantage points at Roskilde Festival.

The story behind the pictures from the top of Orange Stage is actually pretty simple. We asked the photographers from CphCph if they’d like to come play with us, and where they'd like to shoot pictures from. Fortunately, they were in a playful mood - and as they are very fond of climbing, they chose the roof of Orange Stage and the Pavilion Junior stage, on top of the windmill and similar vantage points.

The result is an amazing series of pictures, and now you can buy the five best photos.

The pictures are printed directly on aluminum plates in the format 50x75 cm. Aluminum print is sharp as a razor, and therefore it's an excellent media for CphCph’s works. The price is DKK 2,500 (EUR 335) apiece including postage.

The pictures from Roskilde Festival 2012 differ from CphCph’s usual projects, which take place on rooftops, in the underground, secret places and empty squares in Copenhagen. But their love of strong colours, dizzying angles and mystery can also be found in this unique series of pictures.

Get a unique Roskilde memory up on YOUR wall.


Foto: CphCph

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