until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Saturday 07.07.12

Camp of the Day: Blues girls and boys

The diversity will not come to an end when awesome Norwegians offers 'a little Pilsen' (a little beer), open mic and singing in the banquet room in B40.

From a distance the Camp of the Day does not seem like much. But when you get closer, you can tell from the cozy banquet room with daisies in the pavilions and camping chairs in a row that in this camp live 28 Norwegians who are hosting a festival within the festival. Camp "Liksomnotodden Minibluesfestival - department Roskilde focusing mainly on jazz" has, besides probably the longest camp name, also daily performances, open mic and an own festival newspaper. But the Roskilde Festival's management should not feel threatened, says festival spokeswoman Silje Tønseth:

"We just want to have a good time during warm-up with ukulele and mouth organ music. It's a great joint project and by spring 2020 we hope to have 100 people in the camp, but we do not want to compete, only add to the main festival ," she says with a slightly raised index finger.

For the 28 girls and guys from the Oslo area the goal is, that the festival is for everybody – just like its older sibling “Notoden Blues Festival” which has been an inspiration for this camp. There is room for jam sessions, quizzes from the stage in the banquet room and the plan to have Paper-scissors-rock replace beer bowling as the festival’s main game in the camping area.

What is Camp of the Year?
Since 2006 Roskilde Festival has elected Camp of the Year. Every day during the festival week, the committee elects a Camp of the Day. Saturday 7 July the best of this year’s Camp of the Day winners is announced Camp of the Year. This year, 68 camps are participating in the contest.

Nominate a camp – check out Camp of the Year’s Facebook-site!

Five flags and five years at Roskilde has ended up with daisies in the pavilions, own wristbands, ukulele and mouth organ music - and a celebration as Camp of the Day.

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