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Wednesday 04.07.12

Camp of the Day: Boom-Burt starts the party in Camp Burt Reynolds

The inhabitants of Camp of the Day love Burt Reynolds! The stereo is called Boom-Burt, they have developed a new version of the popular game Twister called Burtser and “Construction man Burt” even has a tattoo of Burt on his forearm.

At camping square C101 Camp Burt Reynolds has settled in. Under six flapping flags decorated with Burt Reynolds' face you can find the camp that has pictures of the American actor everywhere. They are on flags, on T-shirts and on the huge stereo. The 15-20 camp residents love Burt Reynolds. But why?

"That’s a good question. To be honest I have no idea. I think the idea came from a bottle of booze some years ago," says “Old Burt” whose real name is Kevin Andersson, while Economic Burt offers a better explanation:

"Burt Reynolds is the epitome of the 80s! And then he was the first male nude model in Cosmopolitan. That’s crazy!"

In the camp they are going all in on bling and gadgets with Burt. They are dressed in Burt T-shirts, wearing Burt-Burt bracelets and handing out stickers to everyone with QR codes, linking to their Burt Camp Facebook page.

Construction man-Burt, whose real name is Jacob Højager have been Burt Reynolds tattooed on his left forearm. And the camp has developed Burtster – a Burt Reynolds version of the popular game Twister.

What is Camp of the Year?
Since 2006 Roskilde Festival has elected Camp of the Year. Every day during the festival week, the committee elects a Camp of the Day. Saturday 7 July the best of this year’s Camp of the Day winners is announced Camp of the Year. This year, 68 camps are participating in the contest. Nominate a camp – check out Camp of the Year’s Facebook-site!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-of-the-Year-Roskilde-Festival/403822206298420

From Orange Press, written by Morten Skov Madsen

Camp Burt Reynolds celebrated their victory with a bucket of Fernet Branca and Redbull provided by yesterday's winners, Camp Roskilde Open – photo: Kasper Jack Larsen

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