until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 15.01.14

Challenge your ears at Roskilde Festival 2014

Fire! Orchestra, Jambinai and Blood On A Feather provide musical vitamins and advanced levels of sound.

Today’s musical offerings are filled with dissonance, crooked rhythms and hypnotic tones.

FIRE! ORCHESTRA (SE) contain members from respected Swedish acts such as The Thing, Dungen, Loney Dear and Wildbirds & Peacedrums and will be about 30 musicians (!) on stage. The huge Scandinavian ensemble uses brass, piano, bass and drums to create a cacophony capable of challenging the nightmare factor and macabre beauty of metal and noise bands. 

JAMBINAI (KR) combines the sounds of Asian tradition with post-rock and noise jazz. The harrowing music slowly builds a nest in your mind with its challenging harmonies. Mournful bamboo oboes, electronic loops and 1000-year-old string instruments interfere with grating guitars in hectic climaxes.

BLOOD ON A FEATHER (DK/US) builds psychedelic sound labyrinths and is one of the most interesting acquaintances on Copenhagen’s experimental folk scene right now. American singer Sarah Hepburn’s beautiful chants provide the human touch, while Mikkel Elzer conjures up spiderwebby silver patterns with his guitar.

Want a taste of things to come with Fire! Orchestra?
If you're in Copenhagen tonight, you can see what Fire! Orchestra is all about as the ensemble plays at Jazzhouse. We have 3 tickets that we're giving away to three open-minded sets of ears. Want to be one of them? Just send an e-mail to competition@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk before 15:00 today. All we ask for in return is a photo/film of your immediate reaction.



The core members of Fire! Orchestra. At Roskilde 2014 they will be 30 musicians on stage - photo: Johan Döden Dahlroth

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