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Friday 05.10.12

Cheer for the homeless

This weekend the world cup finals in football for homeless and excluded people start in Mexico. The Danish homeless national football team report ready for the world cup. Meet the selected players from the Danish team, which Roskilde Festival is official sponsor for.

Later today, a flight towards Mexico City takes off. On board are players from the Danish national team heading for the world cup finals in football for homeless and excluded people, which starts on Sunday.

Here at Roskilde Festival we cheer for the Danish team, but homeless football serves a much higher purpose than a series of victories and defeats in the world cup.

When the organisation Ombold has spent the past several months training and coaching the players, it's about getting homeless and excluded people back to a normal life through engagement and participation.

And a world cup experience should be the ultimate chance in the transition from excluded to selected.

That’s why we have signed up as official team sponsor with a donation to Ombold. We wish the players Daniel, Imran, Patrick, Andrew, Tim, Eerli, Rasmus and Christian the best of luck in Mexico in the coming week.

It is the seventh time the Danish homeless national team participates in the world cup. The draw placed the Danish team in Group A along with Mexico, South Africa, Croatia, Canada and Haiti.

Follow your own country’s homeless team here.


Photo: Steven Biccard

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