until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Tuesday 28.05.13

Coffin Camp needs your help

The camp needs help getting their coffin stereo to Roskilde.

In episode 1 we saw that Coffin Camp have built an amazing coffin-shaped stereo for their camp at Roskilde Festival. If you watched it, you may even have helped them choose which elements they should use to decorate it with in episode 2.

Episode 3 brings trouble for Coffin Camp. They want to go by ferry from Oslo to Denmark, but it turns out that the ferry doesn't allow coffins on board. What gives? They turn to Visit Norway for help - but they need convincing that Roskilde Festival is a great place to send these Norwegian ambassadeurs. 

Show your support on on Facebook - please give our Facebook post a boost by liking it. That way we're sure that Visit Norway will be convinced that Roskilde Festival is a great place to send the camp to.

Did you miss episode 1 and 2? No need to worry - you can watch them both on our Orange TV channel.




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