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Monday 02.12.13

Deerhunter, Haim and MØ ready for Roskilde Festival 2014

This week’s (and season’s) first music announcements are treats from the alternative scene. More goodies are in store the following days.

Welcome to a week full of music. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are all Roskilde announcement days – we will announce a string of bands to emphasise the diversity and the volume of our music programme. 

DEERHUNTER (US) stick to the virtues of alternative rock while their fan base keeps on growing. The boys have become a household name with a series of diverse, loud and warmly melodic albums. Lead singer Bradford Cox is a rather unique phenomenon with his songwriting gifts and his flamboyant stage performance.

HAIM (US) combines soft pop and rock reminiscent of 70s and 80s radio with a tickling, sharp inspiration from more recent R&B stars. The trio constantly wins over new fans with their strong pop melodies, chilled attitude and enthralling shows – their live performances often have an emphasis on rock.

MØ (DK) has conquered countless pop fans all over the world with her snappy and street-wise electronic pop. Despite her past in punk, Karen Marie Ørsted also has the chops to perform heartbreaking balladry with a classic pop flavour. Style icons like Diplo have already collaborated with this fiery comet of Scandinavian pop.

Much more in store
Don’t go too far away. Already tomorrow we’ll announce more acts. And of course, they will be completely different from today’s bands. And so it goes for the rest of the week. There’s something to look forward to for all of us.

Haim has been a much requested band - we're happy to present them as part of our 2014 lineup - photo: Tom Beard

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