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Wednesday 04.12.13

Dilated Peoples and Pusha T bring hip hop to Roskilde 2014

Two strong hip hop acts from the US make up the third instalment of this week’s string of music announcements.

Roskilde Festival announces music throughout this week. Today is all about US hip hop.

DILATED PEOPLES (US) are a treasured threesome among lovers of smart backpacker West Coast hip hop. Their intelligent tunes ooze integrity, grit and rebellious Rasta roots. Dilated Peoples visited Roskilde Festival back in 1999 with a rising underground profile. It’ll be a delight to welcome them back as celebrated cult heroes armed with a brand-new album.

PUSHA T (US) is back in focus. The former Clipse member has come into the fold of admirer Kanye West. My Name Is My Name is the outcome, the best album since Clipse’s peak, when the duo also paid Roskilde Festival a visit. Pusha T introduces a poppier sound than before, but he is still a tough bro who’s hooked on the dark and evil beats.

…we are not done yet
Even though this week has already given us Haim, MØ, Carcass, Deerhunter, Nails and today’s two pimpin’ hip hop names, we’re not done yet. We’ll take a breather Thursday and be back Friday with more new music announcements for Roskilde Festival 2014.



Pusha T has won over a wider audience with his hip hop.

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