until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Monday 30.06.14

Do a Roskilde time travel using sound

Using the app Recho you get access to yesterday’s events in sound – and you can record your own stories for the future.

Imagine going back in time – right where you’re standing – and listening to the concert from the night before. Or if you could hear the sound of the party that made your camp look all trashy today.

You can do just that with the new location-based sound app Recho which saves sounds in specific locations so that other can discover them.

Recho is an app based on one simple dogma – the sounds you record stay at the place they are recorded. You and other Recho users can hear them (again) by standing in the exact same location.

Now we’re challenging you at Roskilde Festival to start recording. You have 30 seconds in each recording. Capture something great or far out. Leave rechoes for audiences in the future. Maybe someone will listen to your recording in 10 years.

We have a team of journalists, comedians, artists and story-tellers helping filling the area with sound.

Download Recho in app store today (no Android version until after the festival) and start capturing your Roskilde. And like with every other social media, remember the official tag: #RF14.


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