until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 25.06.14

Donate your camping gear to people in need

The trash campaign, Camp Aid, works towards making Roskilde Festival more sustainable.

Don’t want to take home your camping gear with you? Don’t just leave it – but bring it to our drop-off spots and donate it to people in need.

Our trash campaign Camp Aid collects equipment that is intact:

  • Tents, sleeping bags and pads, blankets, pillows etc.
  • Clothes, shoes, Wellingtons, rain jackets etc.
  • Toys, unopened canned food etc.

You can drop it off here
You can drop off your camping equipment at one of our Trash Stations in area B, C, CX, G, K, L, N, P and PX between 8:00 and 16:00 Monday 30 June until the festival ends (on Sunday 6 July you can deliver your gear until 18:00 and all of Monday 7 July).

Last year Camp Aid were successful in collecting over 1000 tents, 3000 sleeping bags, 1800 air mattresses/sleeping pads, 80 sacks of footwear and 50 sacks of clothes. The items are handed out to associations working with the homeless in Denmark and vulnerable groups in e.g. Africa, Belarus and Ukraine.

Thanks in advance!

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