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Monday 09.04.12

Donation gives a financial breather

The donation to Gjaestebud also makes a difference, because Roskilde Festival is known among young people all over Northern Europe, the founder of the organisation says.

By: Tina Bøgh Sørensen

On Sundays and bank holidays when most services for the homeless are closed, the organisation Gjaestebud’s 300 passionate volunteers make sure that the homeless get a warm and nutritious meal. With the donation from Roskilde Festival Charity Society in December, Gjaestebud’s finances have been secured for another year.

Back in December Roskilde Festival Charity Society donated DKK 464,000 to Gjaestebud.

This is the single biggest donation that Gjaestebud has ever received. The donation means that Gjaestebud now has a whole year’s financial setting in order.

“We have worked on Sundays and bank holidays for the last ten years, but we have rarely had the finances to work for more than three months into the future”, says manager and founder of Gjaestebud, clergyman Asser Skude.

And it matters where the donation comes from, states Asser Skude:

“As the manager and founder of Gjaestebud, it means a lot to me and Gjaestebud that it is Roskilde Festival that supports our work. Roskilde is known among young people all over Northern Europe. It was one of my life’s greatest experiences to host an event and to be a part of Poor City at Roskilde Festival this summer, and to experience the festivalgoers and their interest in our work among society’s most marginalised. It was almost as great an experience for me as it was to become a father for the first time”.


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