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Thursday 21.11.13

Donation to the relief work in the Philippines

The Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated DKK 250,000 (approx. EUR 33,600) to Red Cross' work in the disaster areas in the Philippines.

On 8 November the devastating typhoon Haiyan struck the eastern Philippines with wind gusts traveling with more than 300 kilometers per hour. Entire cities are razed to the ground, and the natural disaster has affected more than 13 million people, of which over half a million have lost their homes.

Large need of relief
According to the UN, more than 2.5 million people are in urgent need of relief. Blankets, tarpaulins, clean water, first aid, food and other most basic types of relief are crucial in this particular phase of the disaster.

Therefore, Roskilde Festival Charity Society has chosen to support the relief work in the most affected areas in the Philippines with a donation of DKK 250,000 (approx. EUR 33,600).

The donation is part of the profit from this year's Roskilde Festival 2013. Roskilde Festival Charity Society allocates all profits from the festival to humanitarian and cultural work.

Since 1971 the charity society behind Roskilde Festival has, up to the festival year 2011/12, donated DKK 189,656,266 (appro. EUR 25.4 million) to charitable projects, including Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, Save the Children, Victims of War in Iraq and WWF.

Foto: Red Cross

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