until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 19.02.14

Electronic party with Chromeo, Kavinsky and Moderat at Roskilde Festival 2014

Forest Swords and James Holden represent electronic music in its more experimental facets.

Today we are giving electronic music full throttle. Today’s package includes both party starters and vitamins for your brain.

CHROMEO (CA) plays naughty pop disco that sounds as if Chromeo lives and breathes 80s culture. At the same time the music is fresh and crisp with full knowledge of its beautiful ambition – it wants you to dance the night away and make 2014 unforgettable.

FOREST SWORDS (UK) is a kind of vocal-less mixture of dubstep, R&B, ambient and post-rock. When performing live, the electronic séance – with laptop wizard Matthew Barnes at the helm – receives extra organic power from a bass player.

JAMES HOLDEN (UK) sabotages every attempt to fit him into a neat and tidy genre. Cosmic krautrock, pagan mystics and primitive free jazz blur into techno, trance and electronica in this rave party for the brain.

KAVINSKY (FR) had a buzz in the underground long before the broad audience finally caught up with his French-Italian sound. His wild shows pull you into a time machine where robots are copulating in a fog of high-octane disco and highly synthetic Commodore 64 rock.

MODERAT (DE) enjoy playing Roskilde Festival – and we love having these pioneers back on our poster. Moderat consist of Modeselektor and Apparat who are both giants on the Berlin club scene. With a combination of Modeselektor’s bass music and Apparat’s electronica, Moderat are likely to take you to cloud nine, but they will not let you down if you’ve brought your shoes for dancing, either.



Muscular Ferrari-red disco - photo: Marcus Herring

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