until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 26.06.14

Explore the line-up through playlists

Eight new Spotify playlists will guide you through the many names on this year’s poster.

Are you not yet sure what to hear at this year’s festival? On our Spotify profile you can find a world of playlists that gives you the opportunity to listen to the line-up in bite-size chunks – no matter what mood you’re in or genre you’re into.

Whether you’re looking for the heavier music, are looking for hidden treasures or want to find a concert to dance to, you’ll find everything your music heart desires among the playlists.

Find these playlists on our Spotify profile: 

Nordic Cool #RF14
Dig into the many cool Nordic artists performing at this year’s festival.

Horns up! #RF14 gone hard and heavy
The heavier parts of the line-up – from noise rock to heavy metal. Headbanging allowed.

#RF14 for the curious
A selection of lesser known music from various genres. For the festival-goer on the lookout for something new and unexplored.

The streets and the beats at #RF14
If you’re into rhythm, you’ve come to the right playlist: Urban music in a broad definition – R&B, soul, hip-hop and more.

#RF14 and the world
A priority in the line-up through many years, this playlist gives you the world music and roots-based music of this year’s festival.

#RF14 music to chillax to
The title says is all: Easy-going, down-to-earth music that’s great for relaxing.

The alternative take on #RF14: Indie and beyond
The playlist for all of you out there wearing lumberjack shirts. And the rest of you enjoying the sound of alternative rock music.

#RF14 music to dance to
We’ve picked out 24 tracks from the line-up that are perfect if you’re come to Roskilde Festival to dance all night long.


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