until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Friday 17.05.13

Explore this year's line-up with WiMP and win Roskilde Festival tickets

In collaboration with WiMP, Roskilde Festival has created a Facebook application that lets you explore this year’s line-up with more than 180 acts.

The music connoisseurs at WiMP and the Roskilde Festival bookers have created a music journey that will take you to all corners of this year’s festival line-up.

Open the "Roskilde Music Journey" Facebook app and start your journey by selecting a band from the line-up that you are looking forward to experience. This will generate a handful of other bands from the line-up which in one way or another are related to the selected artist. These related bands have been handpicked by the music bookers and WiMP. You can then listen to these related bands and decide whether you like them or not, and in this way build your own personalized Roskilde Festival 2013 playlist. Every time a band is chosen, new related bands will pop up for you to explore.

Win tickets to Roskilde Festival 2013 and WiMP Premium
By the end of the musical journey you will not only have your very own festival-playlist, but also get a chance to win both Roskilde Festival tickets and WiMP Premium for a year. A new winner is drawn each week for the next four weeks.

Are you ready to explore the line-up?

Explore this year's line-up and win Roskilde Festival 2013 tickets

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